Project Monitoring

Project monitoring software that scales with your enterprise.

Enterprise project and vendor management software dashboard shown on laptop and mobile devices, with surrounding images of oil rig, construction site, and professionals collaborating, illustrating comprehensive industry application

IPMS Features

Screenshot of contract management interface in vendor project management system. Shows a list of active contracts with key details like vendor name, contract value.

Contract Monitoring

Track all the contracts in a single platform. Ensures the organization leaders get a proper visibility with these features:

Dashboard view of project management software showing an overview of multiple vendor projects, with a timeline, task list, progress bars, and project status indicators.

Project Monitoring

Monitor the progress and feasibility of your project with these features:

Screenshot of the Work Warrant (SPK) management feature in a vendor project management software. The interface shows options to create, view, and manage work warrants, with fields for project details, deadlines, and assigned personnel.

SPK Monitoring

Track the Work-Order Letter (SPK) completion in real-time and mitigate the risk of non-performing delivery with these features:

Invoice monitoring feature in vendor project management software showing a dashboard with real-time updates, invoice status, payment tracking, and detailed expense reports

Invoice Monitoring

Provides a centralized platform for tracking and managing invoices, enabling efficient financial oversight and timely payment processing across multiple projects.

Why Our IPMS

Highly Customizable

Highly customizable platform empowers users by tailoring the functionality to precisely fit their unique needs.

Available in Multiple Platforms

Available across multiple platforms to ensure a seamless user experience regardless of device or operating system.

Easy Data Management

Import and export data using well-known file formats, and analyze the gathered data with our AI-powered insight tools.

Cloud & On-Premise Deployment

Ensure compliance with your company's data policy by deploying our IPMS platform either to cloud or on-premise.

IPMS Use Cases

Based on User Role

Project Manager who will benefit from project tracking software and vendor management system

Project Manager

Create project plan, assign tasks, set deadlines, and monitor the progress of the project on single platform

Field operator whos task is tracked using an integrated project management tools

Field Operator

Record daily activities, update task statuses, and report any issues or observations from the field.

project officers in daily basis using project tracking tools

Account Payable Officer

Ensures that suppliers are paid on time and that all financial records are accurate and up-to-date.

Based on Optimization Type

Streamline Apps Usage

Increase efficiency by cutting the use of apps and transition into single digital platform customized to your business.

Digitalize Operations

Transforms your current traditional business processes through future proof and well-integrated technologies.

Integrating Services

Integrating your existing systems to expand the capabilities into an efficient digital ecosystem.

IPMS Delivery Method


Gather the requirements needed and craft the plan best suited for you.


Start the IPMS development based on the agreed plan.


Ensure an on-time delivery while keeping your visibility on the progress.


Complete all deliverables and the knowledge transfer.

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Frequently Asked Question

What industry is IPMS suitable for?
Ocean IPMS suitable for various idustries

Especially for enterprise that needs to manage many vendors for the operations such as oil & gas, construction, agriculture, digital agency, etc.

Our IPMS solution is a one time payment (exclude hosting)

You would pay the one-time fee to purchase and implement the project management solution. But you would likely need to pay separate, ongoing hosting fees to a cloud/hosting provider to actually run and use the solution.

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